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Considered a male


Mobian Robot

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Second timeline

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No debut



Mun Name



Mephikun (AIM)


Mephiles/Emerl (Forums)


Traconian (DA)

Emerl is a friendly robot eager to please. It's taken a liking to Sonic the Hedgehog and wishes to be more than what it originally started out doing (janitorial robot).


First Timeline...

No history.

Second Timeline...

Emerl, also known as the Gizoid, has been found recently by G.U.N researchers within the watery depths of the sea, having followed a 'distress beacon' within a secret mission. No mobians were to be involved so there was high secrecy to the mission. That's where they found the abandoned, malfunctioning Gizoid. The salt water and pressure had repressed the robot's destructive nature and in turn it had failed many of the tests it was put through once returned to HQ.

Taught by Hope basic janitor functions to be of some use to G.U.N, Emerl has been a simple Janitor bot. Learning and creating his own emotions, personallity, a shy personallity. His clumsyness had gotten him into the mission that has lead him and a group of mobians onto Angel Island for data recovery, also to check over the resident AI, NICOLE.

The mission itself had turned sour with the appearance of Metal Sonic and Metal Knuckles. The battle had temporarily awakened Gizoid within Emerl. His friendly persona directing his actions to protect the mobians on the mission, NICOLE, and the city they were sent to check out.

Looks like with this robot, there's more than meets the eye.


Not much is known about its abilities since the robot has fought very little. It does have the capabilities to mimic others' fighting styles. He is also equipped with a retractable sword and a laser beam cannon.

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